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More to this Bloody Mary mix than a catchy name

If you ask any small business owner the back story of how the business came to be, most will have a common first step — inspiration.

We started the Leaning Ladder out of a desire to combine our love of food prepared with quality and delicious ingredients with a desire to step outside the boundaries of the corporate world. Several of the products we carry have unique back stories. Over the next few weeks, we will feature a different product and the story behind it.

Whodini Sisters Bloody Mary Potion

Whodini Sisters

Whodini Sisters

Atlanta residents Cissy Benedict and Debbie McChesney aren’t blood sisters, but they are sisters in every other sense. Friends for years, the duo was part of a group of friend who would take trips together dubbed “Busting out of the Ropes,” a nod to Houdini, who was adventurous, like these life-long friends. The ladies enjoyed sipping on Bloody Mary’s during their adventures, but didn’t care for the mixes most bars carried, which were full of preservatives and to them, tasted more like cocktail sauce than a cocktail. They wanted a Bloody Mary like Debbie’s father use to make with homemade mix.

Inspired by the original Bloody Mary recipe from Harry’s American Bar in Paris, the ladies set out to create their own unique blend.  During a rainy afternoon with tornado sirens blaring, Whodini Sisters was born.

The preservative and gluten-free concoction not only makes a delicious and non-gritty base for a Bloody Mary, but it can be used as a marinade or as an ingredient in several recipes.  Stop by our store for a recipe card featuring several unique ways to use Whodini Sisters.

History of the Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Legend has it that it was Ernest Hemingway who inspired the creation of the first Bloody Mary. In Paris at the time, Hemingway asked bartender, Pete Petiot, to create a cocktail that his then wife Mary couldn’t detect on his breath.  Pete created a drink made of tomato juice, spices and vodka.  Thrilled with being able to fool his wife, Hemingway named the drink “Bloody Mary.”

We love that Whodini Sisters is a local product and made naturally. We are confident that once you try this mix, you will never go back to what you currently use.

Next week, learn what our friends in Savannah are up to….

Your friends,

Susan and Bridget


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