Our Story

Bessie Lee's Sepia

Some of the inspiration may have come from Susan having an entrepreneurial grandmother Bessie Lee who ran her own curbside and inside dining restaurant.  Some of the inspiration may have come from Susan’s instinctive capabilities and ambitions that brought her success in the corporate world.  Either way, Susan moved on to pursue a lifelong dream to own her own business that enables her to share her love for healthy and delicious foods, cooking, wine, commitment to community, and an inviting environment.



Bessie Lee's Restaurant Sepia

It all came together during the Spring of 2013 in Woodstock, GA when Susan opened the doors to Leaning Ladder Premium Olive Oil and Vinegar.  Along with the knowledgeable, capable, and friendly staff including that of her sister Bridget, Susan now offers a destination for tasting and learning that you won’t want to miss.



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