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Join us for cooking classes featuring accomplished chefs from the greater Atlanta area. We take pride in providing the setting where chef and students discover and experience together what fine cooking is all about. All entrees are prepared using Leaning Ladder Olive Oils and Vinegar. Grab your friends or significant other and a bottle of wine, and join us for a fun evening of food, drinks, and laughter. PLUS: Get 10% off on all Leaning Ladder products used within demonstrations. Redeem your discount the day of or the day after the event. For your convenience, you can click on the event to purchase your seat online, or you can call today to make your reservation 678-401-2609.




Corks & Cookies starting Monday, March 1st 
$85.00 per kit (4 boxes of cookies and 4 bottles of wine, What Comes in Your Kit)

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time: with WINE
4 Boxes of Cookies + 4 Bottles of Wine = New Annual Tradition

It won’t earn you any badges, but you can add a grownup twist to Girl Scout Cookies by pairing them with wine. Join Leaning Ladder for our Corks & Cookies Event this March.

Kits Available Starting March 1st, while Supplies Last
Kit Pick Up Available During Operational Hours, Monday – Saturday 11-7pm, and Sunday 11-5pm

All kits include informational tasting notes, 4 boxes of cookies and 4 bottles of wine. What Comes in Your Kit  $85.00 per kit

Wines featured in the kit are from women-owned or operated vineyards. Percentage of each sale supports the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta.  Reserve your kit today, so we’re sure to have enough wine and cookies on hand. What could be better than cookies and wine?

Join us for the Corks & Cookies Launch Monday, March 1st – Friday, March 5th
Everyday that first week from 5-7pm we will have a local girl scout troop at Leaning Ladder Selling Cookies.

Call us at 678-401-2609 or Order On-Line at https://www.eventbrite.com/o/leaning-ladder-premium-olive-oil-and-vinegar-17513292864



Saturday, March 6, Black Garlic Dinner with Chef Oakley, 6:30 – 9:00pm
$69.00 per person (Demonstration class) (Waitlisted)

Black garlic? Yes. Black Garlic has a much higher content of allicin, the active ingredient in White Garlic that imparts its benefits, but without the odor. Plus, Black Garlic is rich in amino acids and has almost double the number of antioxidants when compared to White Garlic. Aside from being a chef, Chef Oakley of Oakley’s Provision grows Gourmet Purple Garlic and ferments garlic into Black Garlic into semi-sweet, reminiscent of balsamic flavors. During this special dinner event, Chef Oakley will introduce you to this special ingredient, and prepare a beautiful dinner for you to enjoy!

Menu to Include:
• Fried Zucchini Chips with fresh basil, roasted tomatoes and mozzarella with a black garlic balsamic reduction
• Kale Caesar Salad with homemade black garlic croutons with Black Garlic Soy Bourbon Glazed Salmon
• Black Garlic Molten Chocolate Cakes



Sunday, March 7, TOUR OF ITALY at our Sunday Supper with Joanna, 3:30 – 5:30pm
$35.00 per person (Adult + Child Hands-On class) (Waitlisted)

Cooking is a great way to spend time together – especially when you don’t have to worry about the planning, shopping or clean-up! So, grab your kid(s), grandparents, goofy uncle, favorite auntie, or even some family friends and let’s make some delicious memories together! Ages 4+ please! Come as a pair, or small group! At our Sunday Supper, adult(s) and kid(s) work side-by-side to make a meal, and then enjoy it together. It’s the perfect combination of family fun activity, meets hands-on instructional cooking, with a delicious dinner result, and recipes you can later recreate at home! All classes include: Hands-On Instruction led by one of our talented and kid-friendly instructors, all food and non-alcoholic beverages and professional printed take-home recipes.


Wednesday, March 10, Green Beef Curry Class with Chef Sunisa, 7:00 -9:30pm
$69.00 per person (Demonstration class)

Thailand is a beautiful country known for spicy delicacies! If you are a lover of spicy foods, you definitely know Thai Curry! Join Chef Sunisa as she offers an authentic guide to the curries of Thailand, as you enjoy a curry puff appetizer, followed by the preparation of her family recipe; Green curry Beef (Kang Keaw Wan Near). This dish will be enjoyed with a special rice noodle (Kanum Jean) or jasmine rice. We will finish a refreshing mango sorbet!



Thursday, March 11, Gluten Free Dinner with Chef Oakley, 7:00 – 9:30pm
$75.00 per person (Hands-On class)

Food Allergy Series with Chef Oakley (Hands-On)
Whether you‘ve had to adapt your diet due to an intolerance, or you simply want to explore the amazing alternatives available to you, these upcoming classes are designed to be an accessible introduction to gluten free and dairy free ingredients.
Through a combination of informative demonstrations and hands-on cookery guided by Chef Oakley, you’ll discover interesting, nutritious dishes that you’ll want to create time and time again at home.

Menu to Include:
• Tomato Basil Salad

• Bacon Zucchini Fritters

• Cauliflower Couscous

• Korean Beef Wrapped Asparagus

• Double Chocolate Macaroons



Sunday, March 14, Sweet Fruit Pies with Chef Melissa, 11:30 – 2:00pm
$75.00 per person (Hands-On class)

The World needs more pie…. One Pie Lesson and You’ll Never Fear Dough Again! Chef Melissa’s teaching style will alleviate your fear of making a pie, and engage all your senses through the tactile baking experience, and build your pie confidence. Plus, March 14 is Pi Day. The perfect day to celebrate the mathematical constant pi (π) and to eat lots of sweet delicious pies.



Tuesday, March 16, Pizza / Calzone Workshop with Chef Kyle, 7:00 – 9:30pm
$79.00 per person (Hands-On class)

Great night out with friends, or a date night. Chef Kyle will take you through the basics of pizza dough, and how to get the best pizza / calzones you can out of it with some basic tools and pizza stones. It takes you from dough making and stretching through pizza build-up and into the oven. Yum! 


Menu to Include: 
Grilled Flatbread Pizza with Spinach Pesto, Honey Whipped Goat Cheese, and Bacon
San Marzano and Buffalo Mozzarella Pizza with Arugula and Peach Vinegar
Individual Calzones with Hot Italian Chicken Sausage, Ricotta, Fontina, and Balsamic Sweet Onions



Friday, March 19, Eclairs, Cream Puffs & Gougeres with Chef Michelle, 6:30 – 9:00pm
$85.00 per person (Hands-On class) (Waitlisted)

Students will learn to make pate a choux or choux paste; a versatile dough used in sweet and savory applications. We will also make a classic vanilla pastry cream filling and a chocolate ganache topping.

Techniques covered

  • Making a proper pate a choux
  • Piping cream puffs, eclairs, and choquettes
  • Savory version – Gougeres, Burgundian cheese puff.
  • Vanilla pastry cream
  • Ganache

Light bites will be provided while you work on your masterpieces.



Saturday, March 20, Baked Snapper Veracruz with Chef Alan, 6:30 – 9:00pm
$75.00 per person (Demonstration class) (Waitlisted)

Chef Alan presents to you a satisfying meal starting with Pimento Cheese Crostini’s, topped with toasted pecans and drizzled with Leaning Ladder Roasted Walnut oil. Mixed baby greens salad, dressed with a cranberry infused vinaigrette topped with crumbled blue cheese, roasted walnuts and dried cranberries. Snapper Veracruz – fresh snapper filets baked with onion, garlic and capers, alongside Leaning Ladder gourmet pasta and topped with grated parmesan. To end your epicurean night out, a Blueberry Crisp with whipped cream.



Sunday, March 21, Learn How to Cook, Mushroom Risotto & Seared Pork Loin with Chef Melissa, 12:00 – 2:30pm
$75.00 per person (Hands-On class)

New Year’s resolutions are generally torturous, but if you must make one it’s best to choose something quantifiable. Learn How to Cook with Chef Melissa in 2021! Even experienced cooks have kitchen hang-ups. Some people are afraid to cook. Some have never mustered up the patience. Others are always jealous of their coworker’s expertly designed lunch salads but haven’t taken the plunge themselves. (Who has time to chop all that stuff, anyway?) A New Year’s resolution is the perfect opportunity to get rid of these hang-ups. Chef Melissa will take you on a journey and cover the basics, plus, cooking techniques that will improve with every meal you make!

1st Class:   Learn How to Cook, Chicken & Dumplings

Wed. January 27,  7-9:30pm

2nd Class:  Learn How to Cook, Perfect Salad with Homemade Vinaigrette & Lasagna

Sunday, February 21, 12-2:30pm

3rd Class: Learn How to Cook, Mushroom Risotto & Seared Pork Loin

Sunday, March 21, 12-2:30pm

  Sign Up for all 3 classes and SAVE $15.00. 



Tuesday, March 23, Modern Springtime Sweets with Chef Kyle, 7:00 – 9:30pm
$85.00 per person (Hands-On class)

Chef Kyle showcases a variety of confections to indulge in with this springtime sweets hands-on class. Enjoy a Complimentary Glass of Sparkling Wine, and discover how simple it is to craft both sweet and sinful desserts from scratch.

Warm Raspberry Soufflé

White Chocolate Ganache Tart with Lavender and Lemon

Tarta De Santiago with Grilled Plum



Wednesday, March 24, Japanese-Asian Sushi Making & Sake Tasting with Chef Sunisa, 6:30 – 9:00pm
$85.00 per person (Hands-On class) (Waitlisted)

Chef Sunisa will guide you in the art and enjoyment of sushi rolls, plus, enjoy the tastes and education surrounding a regional Sake company out of Tennessee.  Experience Japanese Asian Fusion at its finest – along with the fine taste of Sake, plus, delicate Japanese Cucumber Salad, then, try rolling your own Tuna tataki and California rolls.  Finish the evening with a sweet treat, before heading home.



Thursday, March 25, Dairy Free Dinner with Chef Oakley, 7:00 – 9:30pm
$75.00 per person (Hands-On class)

Food Allergy Series with Chef Oakley (Hands-On)
Whether you‘ve had to adapt your diet due to an intolerance, or you simply want to explore the amazing alternatives available to you, these upcoming classes are designed to be an accessible introduction to gluten free and dairy free ingredients.
Through a combination of informative demonstrations and hands-on cookery guided by Chef Oakley, you’ll discover interesting, nutritious dishes that you’ll want to create time and time again at home.

Menu to Include:
• Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip

• Asian Mango Slaw

• Chicken Satay with a Peanut Sauce

• Garlic Naan

• Blood Orange Dark Chocolate Cake Brownies



Saturday, March 27, National Spanish Paella Day with Chef Begona Stone, 6:30 – 9:00pm
$75.00 per person (Demonstration class) (Waitlisted)

Celebrate National Spanish Paella Day at Leaning Ladder! Enjoy the visual art of making paella and learn tips for recreating delicious paella at home. Come experience a true show-stopper Spanish meal. This cooking class is about more than recipes—it’s about techniques, and immersing yourself in the culture it stems from. Our vibrant instructor will guide you, and fill your spirit and bellies with this delicious meal. Meal to include: Traditional Spanish starter, mixed seafood / meat paella entree, and traditional lemon crema for dessert!



Tuesday, March 30, Thai Fresh with Chef Sunisa, 7:00 – 9:30pm
$69.00 per person (Demonstration class)

Thai food is flavorful, interesting, colorful, and beautifully adorned with carved fruits and vegetables.  Thai chefs use ginger, curry, garlic, lime juice, fish sauce, shrimp paste, and peanut sauce to tease the palate and spice up each dish.  The secret however, Chef Sunisa, and she is back with a Thai Fresh class sure to wake up your taste buds.

Your meal begins with a fizzy pineapple-mango bellini, delicious coconut chicken soup, followed by shrimp and chicken fried rice (served in a pineapple cup), and last but not least a mango pineapple sorbet treat!




Thursday, April 1, NOLA Dinner with Chef Melissa, 7:00 – 9:30pm
$75.00 per person (Demonstration class)

Watch, learn & eat! Sit back and enjoy watching Chef Melissa prepare you a classic Cajun / Creole meal, while learning about the vibrant foods of New Orleans cuisine!


Menu to Include:
Crab Beignets Appetizers
Shrimp Étouffée Main Course
Bourbon Bread Pudding Dessert



Tuesday, April 20, Tamale Tuesday with Chef Oakley, 7:00 – 9:30pm
$75.00 per person (Hands-On class)

Tamales on Tuesday? Sure, why not, Chef Oakley will share her quick tips for authentic tasting tamales anytime. The class begins with freshly made Salsa & Chips, as you mix up a refreshing cocktail. Then, try your hand at making tamales, with meat or non-meat fillings. Lastly, enjoy a fun churro dessert with a spicy Mexican dipping sauce!

Menu to Include:
Cantaritos Cocktail
Salsa & Chips
Tamales (Black Bean, Chicken and Cheese)
Churros with Mexican Chocolate Sauce




Please know we are always working with our chefs to add additional classes; check back regularly. All classes use Leaning Ladder’s Oils and Vinegar. Call 678-401-2609 to register, or to purchase your seat online,click here. NOTE: Photos are meant to be a representation. Please refer to cooking class policies for cancellations and rescheduling guidelines.

Please register early to reserve a seat and to prevent class from being cancelled or rescheduled. Any class not meeting the minimum number of guests 48 hours prior to class time may be rescheduled or cancelled. We take all major credit cards and payment is made at time of registration.

NOTE: All classes are BYOB or Leaning Ladder offers a wide variety of wines to purchase and enjoy during your class. Please call the store to reserve your space at 678-401-2609.

Please treat your paid class reservation as you would theater tickets or sporting events, and understand that once you have purchased the class, we cannot issue refunds. However, if you have a change of plans more than 5 days prior to the class, we will issue you a Leaning Ladder gift certificate that can be used for another class. Cancellation of your reservation within 2 days of the class cannot be accommodated, but if you are unable to attend, you may send someone else in your place.
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