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We have spent a lot of time talking up our fancy infused olive oils, but we thought it was time to introduce you properly to our single varietal extra virgin olive oils.

Fustis of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Leaning Ladder Single Varietals


Single varietal means just that… the oil is produced from one single variety of olive and not blended with any other olive crops.  The flavor can range from mild to robust, with hints of herbs, fruits or berries.

Our single varietals change depending upon recent “crushes,” and harvested from several different countries.  The crush date, origin and level of intensity are always found on each FUSTI, allowing you to become an educated consumer.

Here’s a run down on some of our single varietals:


  • “Oro Bailen” ArbequinaThe Arbequina olive is known for its delicate and buttery flavor. Oro Bailen is one of the most decorated olive oil producers in the world – an excellent choice if you are looking for a mildly intense olive flavor.
  • Melgarejo Frantoio — This robust olive oil is high in antioxidants and doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste.


  • Special Reserve Miller’s Blend is a robust oil. Notes of green banana, berries and floral notes make this oil highly complex to the palate.


  • Coratina — This robust oil recently won “Best in Show” and the “Marco Mugelli” award at the 2014 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition.


  • CA Arbosana — grown in California, this varietal is a nutty oil with hints of fresh tomatoes and almonds- buttery with a slight peppery finish
  • CA Leccino — this bold oil is loaded with antioxidants. An Italian variety of olive, it grows well in California.

We invite you come in and sample all of our single varietals to see and taste the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle differences.


Featured Infusion


Leaning Ladder Persian Lime Organic Infused Olive Oil


Infusions make our single varietals even more special. Our featured flavor this week is Persian Lime Organic Infused Olive Oil.  With spring, comes lighter flavors, and this is the perfect oil for fish, poultry and in marinades and salad dressings.  Here is a simple and delicious aioli that you can use for vegetable or as a sauce.


2 cloves garlic, minced

1 tsp salt

1 large egg yolk

1 T freshly squeezed lime juice

½ C neutral oil such as canola or safflower

½ C Leaning Ladder Persian Lime Organic Infused Olive Oil

In a food processor, blend garlic and salt.  Add egg yolk and lime juice.  With motor running, slowly add the light oil.  With the motor still running, slowly add the Persian Lime oil.  Add additional salt to taste.


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