Wine & Cheese on Friday, March 7

Cheeses and Mary logoFriday Night Live, the first Friday of every month, in Woodstock is always special for the downtown merchants. We stay open late with special treats for those dropping by to shop. This month, as Leaning Ladder continues to bring you the best in fine food and drink, we feature a tasting by Cheeses & Mary and The European Wine table.

CalyRoad Classic Handmade CheeseCheeses & Mary was born out of owner, Mary Mayer’s, passion for good food, a desire to support the farmers who make Pasture to Plate possible and her belief that business should be a community-minded experience. Mary sources from local dairy farms and small batch producers, providing an every-day farmer’s market experience.

The cheeses that Mary sources are made from the milk of cows, goats & sheep raised sustainably or certified natural. Cheeses & Mary also offers local jams & jellys, honey, cookies, salts & seasoning, balsamics & artisanal cured meats. “My products are made for you by hand by your neighbors . . . help me share their story,”she relates. You can find Cheeses & Mary on Facebook page: Cheeses & Mary at the Broadwell Cottage where she is a source for discovery of local jams, jellies, honey, cookies, salts and seasonings, and other artisanal handmade delicacies.

On this visit Mary brings us award-winning hand-crafted cheese from CalyRoad Creamery, located locally in Sandy Springs, Georgia. CalyRoad Creamery officially opened in 2011 and is run under the guidance of owner and cheese maker, Robin Schick. Robin was formally trained at the Vermont Institute of Artisan Cheese. I believe her exquisite palate and penchant for fresh & inspired food is what stands her apart from other cheese producers. CalyRoad’s award winning cow’s milk cheeses are made by hand, using fresh, all natural milk that is delivered weekly by local dairies. The milk is then pasteurized, cooled, flavored, cut and aged all in house. CalyRoad’s goat’s milk cheeses start with fresh, regionally sourced goat curd.

wine gelees

Another great find we bring you! Fabulous wine jellies (gelees) by European Wine Table. Deliciously elegant, these wine spreads are perfect for cheeses, breads, and meats offered in three flavors: Bordeaux Rouge, Bordeaux Blanc, and Cotes du Rhone Rose. Of course, all this will be paired with several delectable wines from our collection at Leaning Ladder.

Drop by and pick up a unique gift or two for a friend that night. They’ll love you for it and so will we!

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