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Strawberries with Balsamic

The Succulent Strawberry

    Superfood Strawberry Strawberry season is upon us!  From mid March through June 1st, sweet and succulent strawberries will be at their peak and plentiful in grocery stores, farmer’s markets and pick-your-own farms. Strawberries are not just another pretty face.  They are considered a superfood, loaded with valuable health benefits.  They are chock full […]

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Bloody Mary

Whodini Sisters

  More to this Bloody Mary mix than a catchy name If you ask any small business owner the back story of how the business came to be, most will have a common first step — inspiration. We started the Leaning Ladder out of a desire to combine our love of food prepared with quality […]

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Olive Oil Mixology

In a previous blog, we talked about using balsamic vinegar in cocktails (have you tried our Cinnamon Pear Martini?). But what about olive oil in cocktails? It may sound weird, but some of the country’s leading bars that specialize in creating craft cocktails are jumping on the olive oil bandwagon. Mixologists are creating olive oil […]

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Baby eating

Your Baby and Olive Oil

  Should You Feed Your Baby Olive Oil? As adults, we have heard about the health benefits of incorporating olive oil as part of a healthy diet. But what about feeding olive oil to babies? Doctors in Italy are recommending incorporating olive oil into solid food and in some cases, expressed breast milk. Olive oil […]

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Olive Facts

  Olives… we love to eat them and make oil from them. But how well do you know our little pitted friends? Did you know? Olives are fruits. It’s true, and if you eat 16, they count as one serving of fruit! The olive branch is a symbol that is derived from customs in Greece. […]

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Chicken Pot Pie

Leaning Ladder Cooking Classes

  Time to Channel Your Inner (or Wannabe) Chef!       At the Leaning Ladder, we specialize in selling premium olive oils and vinegars. We love showing our customers the many different ways to use and mix and match our products. And one of the ways we do this in a fun and educating […]

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