Southern Gratitude with Chef Darryl

Southern Gratitude with Chef Darryl
Thursday, March 30, 7-9pm (SOLD OUT)

Join Leaning Ladder as we introduce our newest family member Chef Darryl.  Make sure and visit our Chef Bio section on our website for all of Chef Darryl’s accreditations. This evening Chef Darryl will put a spin on the Southern Fare.  He will begin with a Chopped Southern salad with cucumbers, bacon, corn and more. What’s a Southern dinner without fried green tomatoes topped with Leaning Ladder’s Traditional aged balsamic blue cheese and chives, a Corneal Crusted Chicken with Sweet Potato stew, and to finish this down home meal how about a Blackberry Skillet Cobbler? There’s nothing like a Southern dinner.

$60.00 per person

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