Napkins….Keeping it Classy  


We remember napkins being part of our table setting every night at dinner. During the holidays, everyday plain paper napkins gave way to decorated napkins or cloth. Napkins are still an essential part of any dining table or function where food and beverages are served. Napkins can enhance an elegant holiday table scape or be used as a vessel for hors d’oeuvres at a cocktail party.

Today, napkins are not only functional but a party accessory that complements the event theme or the host’s personality. If you’re planning a dinner party that will include hors d’oeuvres, try using humorous napkins to break the ice. Themed cocktail napkins are also a great way to get your guests into the spirit of the evening.

Napkin Folding Fun

For dinner parties or your holiday dinner, try folding your napkins into mini works of art. Your guests will be impressed, and only you need to know how easy it was! Here’s a video that demonstrates several fun and elegant napkin folds (and easy!)

Napkin Etiquette

Yes, there are proper ways to use napkins. Below are a few tips:


  • If you are at a sit down dinner, unfold your napkin and place on your lap after the host or hostess has done the same. Never tuck it into your collar (aka bib).
  • If you need to leave your seat during a meal, place your napkin on your chair.
  • After the meal, loosely fold your napkin and place to the left of your plate or in the center of your place setting if your plate has been cleared. Do not crumple and place on your finished plate.
  • Do not blow your nose into your napkin
  • At cocktail parties where you’re standing, always have a napkin with a drink or a plate of food. Speaking of cocktail parties, keep your napkin and/or plate of food in your non-dominant hand. This allows you to shake someone’s hand without awkwardly juggling your plate or drink to the opposite hand.

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