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Secret Santa and Office Party Gift Destination


This week is a big week. Hanukkah starts on December 16, and many of us will be attending holiday parties or office parties. Some of these celebrations may include a “Secret Santa” or “White Elephant” give exchange. Typically, these types of gift exchanges have a dollar limit of $25 or less, so where can you find a unique gift the recipient will love?  Leaning Ladder, of course!

We have a great selection of gifts, including a lot of non-food items!  And remember, if you know what you want, call ahead, and we will have it ready for you! Here are some great gift ideas at a variety of reasonable price points.

Less than $15

  • Olive Oil and Vinegars, 200 ml bottles — $10.95
  • Gourmet Essentials gourmet salt variety — $10.95

Gourmet Essentials

Less than $10

  • Cook Tavern Soup mixes- $8.50
  • Pappardelle’s Pasta (Gluen-Free) $9.95
  • C.AN.E. flavored sugar — $8.95 (Cinnamon, Raspberry, Dark Cocoa and Vanilla Bean)
  • Gourmet Salts — Start at $9.95
  • Rubs — $5.95
  • Olive Oil and Vinegars, 60 ml — $5.95
  • Leaning Ladder Dry Pastas —$6.60 (flavors include tomato linguini, spinach linguini and tarragon mustard fettuccini)
  • Leaning Ladder Pasta Sauce —$5.95 (flavors include creamy creole and tomato pesto)
  • Jarred Olives —$7.95
  • Honey and flavored honey — Start at $9
  • Hand Towels — $10

Soup     Pappardelle's Pasta     Olive Oils 60 ml   towels

Less than $5

  • Dips- start at $4.25
  • Lujos Luxuries beauty items — Start at $4 (items include soap, body cream and lip balm)
  • Cocktail Napkins — Start at $4.50
  • Pour Spouts — $4.95

Dips  olive oil pour spout  Cocktail Napkins

We are stocked on all your favorite gifts! Let us help you find the gift every recipient wants to receive!

Happy Partying!

Your friends,

Susan and Bridget


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