About our Kids Programming

Kids Programming

Hands-On Edible Education Opportunities for Kids
Leaning Ladder loves to teach kids – young adults how to cook and appreciate real ingredients! We offer a variety of classes and culinary adventures each month. Join our mailing list, follow us on FB or check back here to stay up-to-date on our offerings.

Our Kid Program Philosophy: Have Fun, be safe, appreciating real ingredients, broaden palates, build on simple math and literacy skills, understand cooking concepts, interpret a recipe, create edible art, observe chemistry in action and hone basic life skills. Therefore, giving students life-long tools and knowledge to prepare dishes for themselves, friends, and family members.

Age Categories
Itty Bitty Ages 4-6
Kids Ages 7-12
Teens Age 13-17
Young Adults Ages 18-23
Family Events Ages 4+

Area of Interest
Specialty Diets
Chef Series / Chef Jr. Competitions
Private / Semi-Private Lessons
Sunday Family Suppers
Home school Curriculum
After-School Programs


Common Questions Kid Programs

Skills Check List


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